Death's Hold Island Soul

Congratulations for your game. The quality in almost everything is something we haven’t seen in an mmo for at least 10 years now. Just the fact that you also provide the F2P possibility, without even a subscription is beyond expectations. I would like to refer to a problem though.

For a casual player the Death’s Hold Island Soul is impossible. Let me explain why. After the original rush in the game with dozens of people in that little pvp island, many of us, including myself, who have tons of RL responsibilities work, family, kids the lot, now finally found some time to step into the island.

The issue is that the 2nd part of the co op needs 10 people to start. So what happens in reality is: you enter the island click on countless swords on the ground to complete the first part, and even after all those clicks, you see a message that the 2nd part will not start due to lack of people.

I tried it 8 times, different afternoons and evenings of the week hoping there will be more people. Did not work, there are never 10 people there. I play at EUW.
I can imagine two solutions:
a) let it start with no limit of 10 players, after all whoever is there worked to complete the 1st part.
b) just automatically give the participation reward. The island needs 15 visits to complete.

Thank you very much for reading this and I truly hope you will come up with a logical solution which rewards those who are willing to visit the islands 15 times.

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It’s great game design isn’t it? I called it dog shit game design. And you know what it is full with shit like that. Have fun enjoying it. I probably get banned for calling the game design dog shit. Happened already.

not sure what you talk about, we have death’s hold islands going with only 4 people, yet we complete it.

to be fair for getting the soul you require 60 isle tokens. One quest gives 15, then you need 45 more.

get a couple of friends do it or try in bussy hours.

No, you need 10 people for the event to start.

Using area chat and being social will help you get 10 to show up for the event.

Hi all :slight_smile: I think I was specific in my post, you need 15 visits (worst case scenario), since top place gives 5, then 4, and participation 3. So 15 visits x 3 = 45 + 15 from the questline.
As you understand when you rush from work to hit the time in order to do it, there is time barely to reach the island, even if it is so close to Vern, let alone start typing.
Is this the correct section of the forums for something like this? I forgot to ask about that

Game feedback is being used for feed back how you think it should improve the game and gameplay.

if it’s a general question you can best move to General chat.

I understand that time wise it’s not a lot but the isle if up few times a day, there is no need for any rush to get the isle soul. In the end you complete other isle so you will have more time to do others you don’t have yet.

They need to implement something on the vendor to entice people back, like 15 tokens = sea coins or card chance item.

Don’t forget if you haven’t already, go onto the island with the cursed title on to get a hidden quest that will reward 15 tokens once per account.

All events should be scaled to the amount of participating players and since it’s a cross-realm game anyway, they should pool in people from other servers if numbers are lacking.