Debate topic: out of game reading

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Should out of game reading/yt guides watching be expected of players?

Follow up question, is it considered spoonfeeding if everything from patchnotes including possible pitfalls is included in game?

No, and no.

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I personally agree with this conclusion, but I have seen quite a few people argue contrary, so I was curious what they had to say.

  1. no, but make your own party so you don’t ruin other’s experiences. idk why people have this idea that other people are at fault if i’m the one wasting their time for not knowing what to do.

  2. no but not reading patch notes/understanding what you are doing is your own fault

People can choose whether they want to attempt to figure out bosses or read up on mechanics and such.

If they choose the latter though, they should also stay out of any PF that says “alt run” or “know mechanics”. They also shouldn’t make a PF that says the latter either, because they are wasting others’ time at that point.

I think it’s reasonable to expect players to have an idea of patch notes to a certain extent.
Not like x skill modifier changed from 3.62x to 3.66x but enough to know not to select their 1400+ main for an alt leveling boost event at least ~

People will organically communicate and improve on their own but guides are a quick cheat sheet.
Don’t think we have anything in the game yet that requires an ms paint 3 year old drawing gif to be explained.

I say they add a screen with patch notes on log in. That you have to scroll down and click accept. Then any mistakes that came from not reading patch notes can be then ignored as you accepted thst you read it or choose not to. Will make less work on their end fixing every mistake players make and cover their own ass when they make mistakes.


This is a logical solution and I have seen many games do this. Idk why they don’t follow suit.

I dont care what people do but for the love of god, if your joining a group on party finder that doesn’t say “Learning mechs” or “For beginners” know the mechanics.

can’t answer without taking account what you aim…
If you join a “alt party” or any party where it seems people are not going for endless “die and retry” … yes you should get guide for the fight.

Those people don’t have to accept you to make them waste their time because “you don’t want to watch video”

Also, if you are in a team ready to take time to learn, people complaining about those who discover the fight… just have to shut up and instead just give advice to help people to learn fight faster.

In a perfect indealistic world: Yes
Here in the real world: lol good luck

If a game requires you to read up anything from third-party sources, that means it is terribly designed.

I would argue no. When new content comes out, be it dungeon or raid, no one will know what goes on before running the content. Once it’s run, then people make guides. I’d say it’s up to the player if they want to go in blind or if they want to go in with some prior knowledge.

With that being said, I think the general expectation should be that if you PUG, then expect some people to go in blind; I would also say expect first timers that want to experience any cutscenes as well. I would say PUGing should not impose any arbitrary assumptions on the player: knowledge of boss mechanics, skipping cutscenes, min/maxed engraving or stats, etc. If you matchmake with randoms, you can’t put any arbitrary impositions on them as there is no communication prior to matching with them.

On the opposite side, that’s why party finder exists. Any impositions put on a player can be clearly stated in party finder: know mechs, skip cutscene, 333+ only, iLVL req, etc. If a player doesn’t meet the party leader’s requirement, then they shouldn’t join.

I think this is more semantics than anything. I think if patch notes are clear and concise enough in what is included, such as rewards that may include mats from T1-T3, then a lack of warning to players is fine in my opinion. If they do include a warning, then that’s fine too. Might be considered spoon feeding, but it could just be the devs trying to be as clear as possible. If the devs provide the info, the players need to be responsible with how to utilize that info.