December patch date PLEASE

I know this could be a bit to ask from you guys considering you only give 1 week announmcnet prior to patch release, and it’s understandable locking date and delaying it will bring so much headache but i beleive we really do need to know the date of december update.
it will bring a class and a content that many users been waiting for and believe it or not, there will be some planning their holidays around it too.

It’s really hard sortting out statics and arranging raid days for Brelshaze because none know when it will drop. Please let us know by end of this month when is the December patch will be? If anything at least some words if it will be the early of Dec. or end of it.


I see you’re not often here so…
they only get information about that one week before or even one day before.

uh uh, so he can hoard material and sell it at the precise date. lmao

You will be notified 15 hours ahead of the patch! GOOD LUCK!

It’s either the 14th or 21st.

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