Decrease rapport - for achievement, how?

What did I do wrong achievement requires “decrease rapport point by 1”

The few posts that exist on this in English has no answer, on either if possible or not, if achieve is missable or not (e.g. max rapport all NPCs before get this achieve).

Has anyone actually gotten this achieve, or regardless of achievement, found way to lose rapport? Even dialog choices that seem wrong don’t produce negative rapport, just blocks your quest till choose right one,

Am down to one npc left for rapport and seems this is missable if no way to decrease rapport exists

Pretty sure its an archaic achievement that is not possible anymore. At least thats what I saw someone say.

Well hopefully that is case, because am 1 npc away from completing all rapports.

Yeah there are just some achievements that should not be in the game but I don’t think smilegate cares enough to like fully change them around. I’m sure there are a few around in regards to season 1 sailing which got removed but idk.