Decreased rewards from chaos dungeon?

I only took notice to this at the start of reset. 5 character roster (1x 1447 (main) , 3x 1370 and 1x 1340). usually after i run both chaos dungeons on my alts, i take a look at how many guardian stones and destruction stones they contribute after everything has been dismantled. i typically saw around 500-600 guardian stones and 400-500 destruction stones. ive rarely gotten a red portal but ive gotten more gold recently. in in one occasion a gold room just gave me some gold and not some guardian and destruction stones as well. for 3 days now ive been consistently seeing that after both runs of chaos dungeon (and after dismantling) the max guardian stones i get is 350 maybe just reaching 400. idk if im blind or not but maybe im not the only one that noticed this after the most recent weekly reset. in no way am i complaining about this, i would just like to confirm that i’m not the only one that is experiencing the same thing.