Deep Dive not awakening properly

So started building up the Deep Dive and You Have A Plan sets and I’ve gotten to the point where the awakened cards in the set for Deep Dive are showing 18, but the max achievable awakening that I can achieve when using the set is 17.

I’ve tried removing and replacing cards, switching to different characters, and restarting the game. Going to verify game files in a second and, while I dread it, I might have to reinstall the game to see if that helps anything.

Am I missing something? Anyone else having this issue?

The set has 7 cards in total, you can only equip 6.
So forget about the tooltip on the first page of the card menu.
You need 6 cards fully awakened or it won’t work.

So it goes from the 12-piece awakening to the 30-piece awakening without activating 18? While that doesn’t make full sense to me I’d be inclined to believe it

You need the 18 points from all equipped(!) cards.
The set has 7 cards, you can only equip 6.
Can you post a screenshot of the set?

Not gonna lie, had to recount with the cards I had equipped, and that is EXACTLY what’s wrong with it. Thank you for helping me double check my work

Thanks for helping this user.

If you have any further issues don’t hesitate to come back!