Deer, Lost Ark Mods

Pls don’t ban me for trying to relog because your Servers are probably getting DDoSed, ty.


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If you are on NA West, this is likely surrounding ongoing server issues that we will be fixing in approximately 1 hour. Rest assured, this is a security feature and your account will not be banned as a result of this.


Oh deer


No, they used a comma so they probably saw a deer and then started writing a post to the lost ark mods. Or maybe they were hyping themselves up and deer is their word of choice. I’m sure Roxx says mokoko in the mirror a few times before addressing the forums

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You all need to stop playing so many vid games and maybe look around some actual news articles sometime. Headlines loaded with misspelled words and grammatical errors and yet everyone seems to understand what everyone means just like you knew what this person meant. Don’t be the grammar police no one likes them. They just come across as jerks… well because they are jerks. Also, the English language is one of the few that does this nonsense that has to have multiple spellings for words that sound exactly the same. Why you ask? Because people are not idiots and it’s not needed. The context of the sentence tells you what the words means without them having to spell it five different ways. Unless you think every single person is a fool on here and can’t figure out what he means and are trying to insult every single one of them you should keep your mouths shut.

Yup happened to me in Valtan NA West… Where is the compensation for extra extra maintenance?

and your problem is?

nevermind – I was still in the vibe of trash-talking Amazon’s English. OP - you did a sweet one with deer. Keep it up!

and y would you want to do that? just what offense did they do to you with the word deer? humanity makes me sick these days.

Nooooo. I just totally misread the atmosphere here. I like the deer. Sorry! I should just go sleep…

The issue is still not fixed.

How is it possible that Amazon staff cannot fix this issue after several maintenances?

It’s like the same situation with the Day Light Savings a month ago.

What’s going on?

I am 3 weeks into them not fixing my problem. Buckle up.

ok cool Aethzc is going around with this forum alt of theres being the grammer police and it’s really making me mad :rofl:

send Aethzc to talk with Amazon support. Will get a stroke.

just got the exact same thing on N/A valtan. Game got stuck on loading screen. force close the app now saying my account is still logged in. gg

I’ve DCed from this game over 8 times today with clears being removed.

There better be some sort of compensation for the West as mentioned. This is ridiculous

Valtan dead?