Degenerative Chaos Dungeon behaviour

I can solo Chaos dungeons fairly easily, something I get to regularly practice because 2 or 3 people usually bail out of the chaos dungeon half way through. These people also tend to afk or contribute little, dragging out the group experience.

I am at a point I will probably not bother to group up for these unless something is done about it. I prefer to play with other people in MMOs where possible, but the current environment is quite toxic and never experienced this when I played LA on Russian servers.

The reason people bail out half way through is because you have front-loaded the loot into the first half of the dungeon. Ideally, it should be evenly distributed, but I wouldn’t be opposed to 50% of the total rewards being locked behind achieving a 100% competition of the instance to dissuade this behaviour. I know the streamer community who informed the public about the unbalanced loot distribution said do not leave in the middle in groups, but that message hasn’t sunk in.

It really is strange that the loot pinata boss is in the middle…

I’d also like some more variation in chaos dungeons, but that may be a different topic. In NA west MM is actually not bad in chaos dungeons, but you do occasionally get the “I MUST KILL EVERY SINGLE ONE BEFORE PROGRESSING” and semi-AFK people wanting a carry…but the most common is the delayed progression person.

All that said, I wish there were a way to actually see stats at the end, and allow players to report. If someone has like 3% damage at the end I’d report them for being a hindrance, or a bot, but the game doesn’t want that.

I’m in favor of putting rewards at the end as well, of course.

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