Deja vu/clown rehearsal rework is nonsensical

I didn’t think about it before because nobody cares about this content once they can do normal mode, but it’s really awful for new players. The whole point of having it available on 1385/1430 was to let new players get materials while getting practice for future raids, but it doesn’t work anymore, since it locks you out of doing other legion raids for no rewards other than tokens.

My friend that just started playing has one character at 1475 and we’re trying to get her to brel next week. But we can’t do deja vu because we already did valtan+vykas+clown, and even if we could, I can’t help her since I already did brel on some of my characters this week.

What’s the point of having any of these limitations at all, why not let people practice it as much as they want, you only get rewards once a week anyway.

you will be happy to know KR recently got a change that allows them to do all legion raids in a week but be limited that only 3 still gives gold.

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Does that apply to rehearsal though? That would be great, no idea why they changed it in the first place (adding tokens to normal mode was def a right move though).

no letting u practice as much as u want, is like hanging a carrot in front of a donkey, u can go around this by making alts, though u will have to grind it up and pay pheons to gear it.

you mean like doing both rehearsal and normal mode on same character in a week?
i dont think so? if you can do normal version there 0 reason to do rehearsal version

Mostly being able to do it if you’ve already done 3x other raids, which I guess would be a yes?

The reason for me to do rehearsal is to help my friend, but we could do that by doing the practice before normal mode. Unfortunately that won’t help us anymore if we’re trying to get to 1490 next week.

But there are some cute rewards for both rehearsal modes - leggo engravings and i think leggo card packs.

It’s worth beating a few times…except, even though much easier than OG clown, it’s still pretty hard to do without a static or something.

You can get to 1490 without Clown, I do that on several characters, I wanted to have access to a vendor but wasn’t ready to fully gear.