Delay for removed content and reversing announcements?

I don’t know guys, but I feel like we’re just getting screwed on so many levels here.

I’m not saying Yoz would’ve been a good thing and I like less RNG. but straight up removing it really isn’t a solution in my eyes.

And while I think it’s great that we get the Stronghold buff, I just feel screwed that we get it now. I literally honed 3 chars to 1430 this week to be ready for Vykas and now you’re telling me I’d pretty much would’ve had double the chance and therefore half the cost for them if I had just NOT trusted the announcements?

I don’t mind the delay if there’re technical issues, 16th was never confirmed and always just expected. But I feel like every decision around that release just makes it a worse patch for me.


i mean you played the game and now you got 3 chars for Vykas normal.


I knew it was going to not be efficient and it would’ve been better to wait for the honing buff.

But at least I thought I’d get something form it. I literally didnt get any use because I trusted their announcement.


I feel you man. I don’t want to sound ungrateful for the honing buff. I’m very happy overall for it being added to the patch again. The feedback was heard and listened to and more people can get more alts to 1415 and beyond, which is excellent.

That being said I also honed a character to 1430 (1440 now) and another one to 1415 (1417 now) based on the the fact the honing buff was delayed and I had a ton of leapstones saved up. They were both sitting at 1385. I feel like I wasted mats because I got some bum info from what I thought was the official source.

In the long run it wont matter much, I’m sure, but right now it feels bad knowing that those characters most likely could have been 1445 and 1430 now respectively if I had the honing buff and the same amount of mats. I would have made different choices had they even hinted at the stronghold buff being talked about as a possibility.

It is what it is right? Vykas should be a blast and I’m excited to finish my 4pc and 6pc set on my main!


I dont know

I’m not even excited for Vykas on my alts anymore. I got them done today and was happy, really looking forward to it. Now I’m just pissed about it.

I was just shrugging on everything they did now. I didn’t mind waiting. If there were issues with it then I’d rather have it working than bugging out and shit. Now they tell me I waited just to get screwed?

I think the jar was a terrible system. But if they had the time, why couldn’t they just add them to the store for a higher price than normal skins?

Literally everything we get for the delay is a big FUCK YOU and removed content.

4 skins with 1% make a total of 1.9% total strength difference. If anyone thinks that P2W they’re just delusional.

The honing buff is nice to everyone that had their chars sitting back and doing the same shit for month instead of trying to paly the game. It’s another game just turning into market simulation and hoping to make the right decisions instead of actually playing it.

No. He trusted what the CM said and wasted materials.

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Honing from 1370 to 1415 with the buff costs about 23% less than with the buff.

Yes I have it to play. I also paid about 250k gold in materials more than I would’ve needed to (skewed because I mainly used bound leaps and not unbound ones.) (got another 1415 aswell that I pushed yesterday)

Yes, you’re not alone in this.

I also made decisions based on the announcements that the honing buff wasn’t coming. So I honed 1 alt to 1430 and started pushing another one to 1400.

You made the decision to hone without the 1460 honing buff. No one made you do it. If you watch or read into content for Lost Ark in other regions, it’s no surprise the 1460 research would inevitably come to western shores. Whether this buff released tomorrow, next week, or even next year doesn’t change the fact you “wasted” mats pitying to 14xx on your alts before the patch. Wasted is in “” since it’s arguably not much of a waste considering you now have an extra week minimum of farming 1415+ content on your alts over the people who are still holding their rosters at 1370. When they inevitably release the 1340-1370 deadzone buff circa Brelshazza Legion Raid, we’ll all be in the same “wasted” mats boat. If you still think it’s an L, take it with both hands and the same confidence you had when you clicked on “hone.”

Regarding the legendary skins:
All they said was the skins weren’t releasing with the controversial Yoz’s Jar mechanism, and they don’t have another way figured out AT THIS TIME. Doesn’t mean they’re never releasing these skins. We still have another week out before the patch notes drop, so they may add a few more words covering the subject (probably nothing impactful considering they would need to discuss a new strategy with Smilegate, where a week might not be enough time), but we’ll have to wait and see.



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Ye its funny how they just put out the team update, while all the time before that they said there were no plans for stronghold update etc, and on the team update its like oh btw u are gettin stronghold research.

I had that discussion with someone before. By honing you increase your daily gain at a certain cost. So very simplified, if you take 100 stones to hone & you make 1 stone a day more you take 100 days to get an advantage.

Now I’m not sure about exact numbers but their previous communication was that the buff wasnt coming with Vykas, therefore it would be out earliest in roughly 4 weeks. Meaning I’d have 4 weeks to farm the extra cost of the honing without the buff. With that I was fine.

Now I pushed alts to 1430 to be able to get the Vykas gold, which is the only gain I had from that. But since before I can ever do Vykas the honing changes hit, I gain nothing more from the honing.

And I’m happy the buff hit. I just hate their communication surrounding it. Had they said 2 weeks ago that they’re considering bringing the Buff earlier, it would all have been good. Instead they “surprised” us with the buff. And there’s nothing good about the surprise.

Also, the buff isn’t what people need to catch up because you need to be on top of the content (1460) to get any use out of it.

Yeah same, also pushed my alt to 1415 based on response from CM just to get screwd over… Amazon you are horrible at comunicating and idk whats soo fking hard to give these patch notes like a normal publisher…you are a joke, your company feels like bunch of Twitter “influemcers” masking as gaming publisher/developer…


The CMs got our feedback listened to!
Super happy for this buff. I made hella gold selling the extra mats it would have costed without the honing buff.


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They werent considering it.
Hence why roxx stated it wasnt coming eith vykas.

After 400 people begging for it they decided to add it.

I made a good chunk of gold with the extra money i saved by getting this buff

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At some point they started considering it and when it became a possibility I’d have liked to hear about it. Because that’s what good communication would be and not bringing out surprises because they couldn’t get Vykas patch out as intended and the removed the skins for now.

and now you have a shitton of feedback telling them why people hate that the buff is coming now., just like you have people wanting the announced legendary skins no matter the way they’re gained and how there’s more people talking about the deadzone for newer players in 1340-1370, their problem in catching up to 1415 and the class release cadence.

Giving the honing buff isn’t listening to the players. It’s them trying to give a goodie so people aren’t as upset about everything else they’re unhappy with.

Im happy with the game.

Never been a fan of p2w but hey I’m having a blast and im super happy about the honing buff.

I’d assume most people are happy with the game otherwise they wouldn’t play it.

No one here is complaining about the honing buff released, it’s how they announced it and communication in general for the months the game is out.

And I still don’t think this game is really P2W. You can either play a lot or pay, but at the end you hit the same spots. Depending on how much your job pays, paying might just be more efficient.

But you dont need to do HM on release, you can work up to it. You dont need skins, since their gain is miniscule. And there’s nothing you get from paying that you cant get through playing more.

It is p2w.
But it is what it is.
Im at 1465 and im chillin.

I feel you, my main is at 1470, alt at 1445, 1415, 1415, 1400, and rest at 1370 or below.
I was going to wait for Stronghold buff if they annouced it with Vykas. But then they said it isn’t coming so I honed them. And there was 0 words about it after- if they told us they were at least considering it I would have waited. If it was coming in like 1~2 months later I would have honed without honing buff because valtan gives fused leapstones and a lot of bound materials. Am I mad that the patch is cominf? No, but I wish I knew they were at least considering it.

I am very annoyed about Vykas delay. It’s hard to manage 8 people statistic, especially during vacation weeks. New raids take hours upon hours to learn mechs, and from then it only takes few attempts to complete it. A lot of people took their days off in mid June, yet we have message delivered on patch date “btw its not coming, its next week”.

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