Delay the express

The express pass needs to be vastly changed to actually support new players and current players, once again this update shows how out of touch you guys seem to be with the game or lack of actual playing the game.

Express : Bring characters to 1400 ilvl if not 1415 and this is because vyakas is already out in august there will be another raid coming out with yet another ilevel required, It doesn’t make sense to bring new players or alts to argos phase 1 when we are this late in the game, players should be brought to all 3 parts of argos to not only make them not quit but also bring somewhat of a balance to new players / current players being within a certain ilvl range. Also for new players part 1 argos is in no way a good generation of gold they need to hone and the material generation from yoho / the chaos dungeon aren’t good until 1400+

There also needs to be some way of attaining pheons if you’re bringing players to 1370 ilvl, regardless of what class they decide to play accessories cost upwards 13 pheons for ONE piece along with being 800-1.5k+ gold

Delaying the express to tune it to a higher ilvl would be vastly appreciated by the community since this update along with the june one were both handed very poorly

Also when can something be looked at for players with no vern powerpass ( no one has this anymore ) and no knowledge transfers left, you guys really can’t expect us to keep doing this entire story again when players are 1500+ ilvl now

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I support this 100%

Delaying the Express to give an actual HYPER EXPRESS would be the best decision.

hopefully this will provide you some clarity, friend. :smiley:

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This pass/event is not to get new players, simple as that.

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This pass and arcana release is basically helping new, returning and concurrent players. Its a win/win situation, money in their pocket.

Just in case there is a card that will be up to 1460 everyone should be ready for the next Legion commander why until 1370

We are no different from Korea why it should feel that way it sucks

Don’t think you realize what the state of Lost Ark was in KR over the years. They weren’t frontloaded a bunch of QOL. We have it much better than they did this close to launch.

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You wonder why they meme on us over there…

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They played from the beginning they went through a lot I understand I heard how much the game was shit. Now that we have the West we are in a situation not something right now because they never learn

Your complains every patch getting pathetic. You receive free 1370 and still complain. Play the game and you will be 1415 fast. Imagine if they don’t give any express event what you will do.

Everyone will have to retire this moment the game becomes dead

Well i played many MMOs, and games like Star Trek Online are still not dead. This game will be alive at least in the next 7-8 years.

I just got to the point where I did every raid with my simulations. And there’s nothing to do so I drag people the game must change something

We are getting super passes same like in other regions, but faster. Those who quitted will not come back, even if 5% of them will back due to passes they will play for 2 weeks and quit again even if u would give them 1500 super express. We dont have full version its like Lost Ark beta updating from time to time.

If anyone needs to carry I’m here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I 100% agree with this person. This pass doesnt seem to really help new players as they will still need to go through T1-T2 before being able to receive the punika power pass and also use the express pass, and we all know that getting through t1-t2 without the global honing buff can be rough. Even though the mats are really cheap now, new players dont have access to the gold needed to buy all the mats.
Another 1370 doesnt really help most concurrent players that already have 6 alts running weeklies, though it does help those who are missing from the 6 who can earn gold.
And for returning players, it might help them get to 1370 but its rough getting enough gold from just p1 argos and oreha hm to get pheons and the gear needed to progress and make your chaarcter feel good (stats/gems/ engraving wise)

Overall i think the punika pass is great and its awesome to receive this freebee, and im sure everyone welcomes it, but it feels like an express pass to take us to what much of the community considers dead zone in the game is kinda disappointing to alot of the player base.


But we are. This is a newly released region.
I agree that 1370 is a dead zone and they should have gone for 1415. However, it’s not the end of the world, as the super pass + express it already gets players out the worst section(s). At least at 1370 you can start to build your character with real accessories and a somewhat decent gear set.

They should try to make the game better for new players so all the servers will be bustling with real players, but players who only play for the free stuff won’t stick around long anyway.

I don’t complain every patch ? this express doesn’t even help CURRENT players, the amount of materials it takes to get from 1370 to 1400 alone is a lot and then 1415 where you can actually experience content. There is absolutely no reason why the express should cap off at argos part 1 when it could be capped at 1400 ilvl at the lowest. Players are pushing 1500 ilvl if not 1500+ by now, most of us making alts have to do the ENTIRE story again because we don’t have knowledge transfers. Whether you like AGS or not does not excuse the fact that the express is a failure , you express to 1370 which is practically a yoho deadzone for a long time meanwhile your other chars are 1450+, most of us don’t want to spend this time honing back to 1400 and then all the way up again wasting GHL when most people would rather hone their main character or alt that is close to their main

Also lets not forget 1370 is when you get your engravings online along with all your proper accessories, most of us don’t have a lot of pheons and AGS for some reason failed to put pheons into the rewards shop which is also inexcusable, It’s a lose situation for most players and AGS is just bs’ing around with releases just like last months when they could of been on top of their game listening to the community

Also " the pass isn’t here to bring in new players " when it doesn’t even help most current players as you can clearly tell by browsing the forums so who does the pass really help ? AGS is out of touch with the community and it shows they barely play the game.