Delay vykas we don't have enought supports!

There are only few supports at 1460 and they all wanna milk the gold off of dps players. Please delay vykas until we have more supports at 1460 so everyone could get they’r supports for free. This is creating bad blood between dps and support roles and the air is getting more toxic by the second.


are you making 6 supports? don’t see how it’s helping otherwise.

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Lmfaoo I love people like you that always request a delay a day before the patch, too funny man


Making 10!


people need to make the sacrifice and actually play support instead of trying to pew pew big damage numbers… this issue won’t go away as it has always existed in MMO’s…

Most people want to be front line damage dealers and very few want to have the pressure of keeping the group alive while sacrificing dps


but is it right for dps to pay gold for support.

You can wait for 1460 to support you, and then play the game. Please don’t post delayed words. You are easy to be scolded

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More support problems. This is nothing new to see guys and girls. It’s another field day for people to complain yet again. I’m gonna quit at this point in the forums. I don’t think I can handle this behavior if the forums just keep doing this all day every day at every hour and at the expanse of every minute. It’s tiring and exhausting to see.

Delaying a content update is not gonna make people create more supports all the more push them to 1460 LOL


I could care less… pay, do it quick… don’t pay, wait til you find people… not my problem as I’m a support main so I’ll be in a group regardless.


only ten? I’m making 69. give me 2 years to finish then they can release Vykas :wink:

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Nice, another thread about paying supports or not… Same BS everyday, this is already spam!

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There are plenty of 1460 supports. Vykas already was delayed, no need to delay it more. A lot of people will not clear hard mode next week and it’s not going to be because they couldn’t find supports

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there are lots of support mains under 1460

How is that the problem of the people that have been waiting?


start rerolling support

I am support 1460 bard with big booba

No all the supports are in static groups,

a very small amount of people sell themselves for gold.

Be like me, level a support use all your alts and gold to get as high as possible then reroll mains


Says the guy (OP) who was bashing that supports are gods and they should be payed to be in the group xDDD flag the post.

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