Delay vykass plz

Can we delay vykass for this said reasons

1 if bot returns then people cant even run it as every server has a queue
2 most free to play players are casual and cant even do vykass hard on week 1.
3 my friend and I restarted on a new region last month and we are still not vykass ready


bro just do vykas normal. You got 2 months after to try hc before clown comes out


Bots are under control for now and not all the servers have queue problems so no.

Hard Vykas was never intended to be done on day 1 for casual players, normal Vykas exists for you, this is entitlement at its peak.

Not our problem or amazon/sg problem.


We should give time to the new players and returning players and people who transferred servers to catch up before releasing vykass. They should have added the honing buff*(global honing buff) before it so everyone can do legion raid content

People who wants to play and are late will have the feeling of being left behind thus making them quit the game

Your feelings doesnt make the decision to include the research a bad one, in fact its objectively a good decision in every scenario, they arent mutually exclusive with the general honing buff, the people thinking that you either get both or u get none are honestly room temperature IQ.


Then what about the new players, that come after the new players, then the new, new players that come after those new players. Lets just not release any new content whatsoever.

  1. so basically never release new content because ‘if bot returns’ will always be a thing.
  2. most players are at valtan, I could barely make or find an argos party…
  3. oh, the real reason… because your friend and you restarted and need a few months to catch up. haven’t considered that, we should be more considerate.

So, how much time should we give new players? What about those who started today? What about ones who starts tomorrow or a month from now? Maybe next year? Let’s wait until they all catch up?


They should have server transfers in place already for these things don’t happen.

And they could have given more sources of materials if they wanted more people to be able to engage with the new content. Some were better than none but a majority isn’t even going to see normal, let alone hard.

Try harder if you’re going to troll post btw. “Delay content because of a server transfer” good one.

Let’s make all the playerbase wait for this group of people! I second his opinion and his small group of friends. Very important that 3 people here can do Vykas. The 50k+ people can wait.

Sure lemme just write a letter to my friend Jeff and tell him to delay every update until you and your friend are ready for it.
Also him and I sincerely apologize for even considering to NOT form the game around you two.
As a compensation for the immense emotional damage that decision might have caused we will update both your accounts to GM accounts in-game so you can just create items via the in-game console.

Thank you for bringing this up to our attention.

Yours, the guy who lives inside of a bottle and grants wishes

They DID delay it, it comes out next week.

Ags should delay vykas for the reason:
My baby was born 1 week ago. AGS should delay vykass for at least 10 years, until he grows big enough to be able to play the game, then delay it for another year, until he reaches ilvl 1460.

(Fk sake, the peanut generation grows bigger day by day)

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Ags should delay vykas for the following reason:

  1. Im tired of playing till late dawg

delete this post before you get more hate bro

Its not hate. Lets all find reasons why vykass should be delayed.

I will write another one.
My dog ate the internet cable and wont be able to play vykass on release date. :rofl:

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People seems to forget that in LA most raid are always relevant to do. Not like a lot of other mmo’s

No, no and no.



And? You don’t have to be able to do the new content inmediatly.

And? It was your choice after all

And? So you are telling me, that there shouldnt be new content because new players cant do it day 1? Are you mental?