Delayed by a day? a week? a month?

I’m not sure if it’s already been asked but are we going to have to wait another week for this content update or do you intend on releasing it as soon as possible whenever the current issues have been fixed?



No one knows.

Not even SMG and AGS know.

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forever, game is dead, move on

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delayed until summoner is released maybe

look at the Naruni event books there your new release date

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Just roll a dice, and then expect the number to be the days it will take for the update.


what a joke

Guess I should try New World, at least I won’t have any gold issues there :clown_face:

i rolled a year SHIT

Its just lack of communication again, again and again.

We dont know when the patch will come now. If they intend to release it ASAP when its rdy or just at the weekly maintenance.

We dont even know if there will be a maintenance today. If we get some compensation. If the events will be extendend…


And thats why ppl are hating rightfully on AGS right now!

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Honestly anything they say is meaningless they lost all creds with this.

forever, they’re gonna take the money and run

my one year old has better communication skills than AGS

I’ll wait one more week to drop 10k on my glaivier. That’s their last chance.

That make sense.

You can’t summon a patch without a summoner.

Real question here is : Can you summon a summoner without a summoner ?

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10k USD? Lol I hope thats what u mean since 10k gold is nothing.

I just wish they stated their intentions with the delayed patch notes post. They would’ve have a slightly different community reaction if they said “We’re working on the issue and will release the content update as soon as it’s resolved” as opposed to the post that we got.

Ah yes, 10k gold :). “Dropping 10k gold” makes sense. One more week so one more week. It passes in a blink of an eye. It’s just a game at the end of the day. There are alternatives.

Will you believe if they say it’s gonna be next week? Nobody trusts their dates anymore at this point.