Delete char and NPC buggued

I’m trying to delete 2 chars of my account and it’s pending for like 3 days, came on. Please help me deleting Gatzs and Jakiraum from my account on Artethine.

Also i have a purple quest glitched on Jahara NPCs on Punika, i can’t rapport her and i can’t take the quest.

Hey there @Dyennifer, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I understand you’re having issues with deleting some characters and a rapport quest of a character from Punika.

Just to be sure the character deletion process is done correctly, The characters wont be deleted automatically after the timer ends. You need to go and select the character again, then click on delete character at the bottom right corner, it will ask you to type the character’s name, and then just click OK to complete the deletion. Let me know if you’ve done it this way.

Now, regarding the rapport quest, ensure you don’t have any quest active for that NPC with any other character, if that’s the case complete it and try again, try also verifying the integrity of the game files.

If any of this problems persists, contact us via support ticket so this can be looked into.

Let me know how this goes, stay safe!

I did, it has a character delete pending right now. I’ve deleted some others before now i’m stuck with theese 2: Jakiraum and Gatzs.

I’ll try veryfying the integrity of game files but i believe it will stay buggued, i only rapport with 2 chars and both doesn’t have any quests.

I think has a prerequisite quest on the rapport, i’ll try making it later.

For sure, keep me posted on that.

Now, regarding the characters stuck in queue for deletion, we can’t manually delete characters, and since you mentioned you’ve deleted characters before and you know the procedure, and yet you’re having issues deleting these, I strongly recommend you to use the link on my comment above to contact us via support ticket to expose your case and determine what might be the issue.

Can’t you click on delete character again? The button at the bottom of the screen.

That actually worked ty lol

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