Delete mechanics

Delete mechanics

The matter in question is the following.

1- Create a MODE in which the game mechanics do not exist.

2- Leave the current mechanics and put more levels of difficulty.

3 - Or give players the opportunity to enter the dungeons even if you don’t have a ticket, in this way those who know the mechanics can help those who do want to play, because it is difficult to find people who know how to play this game when everyone no longer has a ticket to do the weekly dungeon.

For what reason do I ask to remove mechanics, because 90% or 99% of the players just want to complete the dungeon with pure DPS, but they never watch the videos of how the different mechanics are performed and they make you waste your time so many times that it gets boring play the game, how is it possible that you create a group looking for players and that only 3 know the mechanics and the other 5 are losers who love the easy way that they run you nothing else.

If they create several types of difficulty they only raise the reward per difficulty level and at level 1 there is no mechanic so all these players who love to play with the AUTO button in other games and create bots to accompany them can complete the dungeon and they don’t get in the way of dungeons with mechanics.

I’m sure many players will appreciate it and those who create games to race others and earn money will also appreciate it.


Only thing that needs deleted is this thread/idea


Please use it wisely.


This game’s gameplay is not deep enough to have zero fight mechanics.


There is a solution for you, Minecraft Creative mode exists and you can dps slimes in there all day. They don’t have mechanics either so you’re good to go.


Just add an NPC that consume your battle items and has a 30% chance to give you the dungeon rewards
Problem solved


Well, I prefer that there are more difficulties to choose from with more benefits than having to spend all day or all week waiting for a party to complete the dungeon, because of all those players who play the same as the bots

muh this will only let all the million bot run now even the raids ;(
If there weren’t any the idea would be ok but …

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Agree with OP, delete wipe mechanics and group coordination, let us just dps and nuke the boss.

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bots will always exist no matter what they do they will be banned every maintenance exactly as it currently happens, it is a problem that cannot be solved since the same t3 players of more than 1415 use bots either 1 or several, more if they are f2p. And the solution is to remove the gold prize, that they only get it from the island events, if they don’t know the mechanics they will simply play yes or yes after learning it at level 2 of difficulty, but beyond that level it will be impossible to pass to the bot or to the one who plays as a bot

Delete mechanics
When you screw up the mechanic it deletes your character :joy:


I know that the mechanics of the game is what the game represents, without them it is not lost ark, but, here the problem is all those players who play in the style of traditional games without mechanics or anything, with the auto button and only by pressing the key healing, for that there must be a level where the difficulty is to eliminate the boss without mechanics but it is harder to grind, because that is what they like, they are not interested in thinking and performing a few simple steps at a certain time .

you mean The Dungeon of Eternal Training Dummies? Is that what you would want to get rewards from?

The problem in OP is that people would still join “the hard” version because of better rewards. Still not watching videos or care as long as someone carry them.


Might I suggest Roblox?


Delete OP



Toxic and degenerate take if you aren’t trolling.

they will not necessarily enter the highest level of difficulty, because more difficult you need more level, and since they are given little drop they will never get in the way of high levels of difficulty unless they use bots or become p2w and in that case only they would be a few hindrances and not as many as there are today, because they will be banned for using bots and also many will get bored of the game before going to hinder higher levels, for which it will be a total cleaning of players that if they are players of the that they are not

Go play Mu Online then.

I believe someone said that this does exist in KR and its called Deja Vu mode? I havent looked into it myself but sounds like its something that may be offered eventually.