Delete the arthetine TDM map

Why does this map exist, it’s clearly made to favorise classes with high movement speed and get their health back, just leave the plain PvP arena where only skill plays

Thank you for your feedback, Altan.

What map do you find to be the most fair/fun?

All the maps are fair, having the item spawn in middle adds another layer of entertainment in my humble opinion.

Fair point!

Really not, when your team has slow classes and the other have jumpy martial artist that travel the whole map in 2 sec or infinite tp sorc? You just stand no chance in getting the healing

The normal coliseum, if anything there should also be a map with some kinda walls we can use for strategy rather than being sniped from off screen

pretty sure they’re removing the chicken/explosive from that map sometime in the future, thought i read something about that already happening in kr.

Interesting, thanks your feedback regarding these maps.