Delete this please mods

Delete this mods pls

I feel the same, not much to do after dailies, I guess it’s you either make 10 bots or don’t play the game that much haha

limitations are killing the game, nothing to do else than idling in town reading half toxic chat

horribly false. Whats your adventure tome at? What are your virtues at? How many skill points do you have? What level is your stronghold at? Are you crafting anything from it? Where are you at getting your collectibles? I literally could go on.


exactly my point remove those limits…

You literally skipped my question. Im guessing youve made no attempt to do any of that stuff. Sounds like you need to open your eyes and realize there is more to the game than chaos dungeons and guardian raids.

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Im at 700 mokoko seeds and 4 adventure tome regions with 100%. Im doing everything. My point still stands, what do I do when im done? Its not like the game will let me go gather for more than 15 minutes a day even if I wanted to?

You can do more adventurer tomes.
You can grind adventurer tome items for gold.
You can work on all islands.
You can go around and taking selfies in cool environments
You can goto town square and just chew the fat with whoever’s around.

You can also make an alt.

You can take a break and go smell the roses outside.

I dont understand why people defend limitations in MMOs, if I want to pick flowers for 10 hours then let me lol


beurk beurk and beurk… gimme infinite guardians raids and chaos. i dont care about gardening i wanna grind. and i’m not a poser i dgas about SS and selfies


it’s not farmville

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What a weird thread, i feel like theres a billion things to do.

I assume you guys gave zero alts, and zero interest in any completionist or island stuff?


it’s not tomb raider or indiana jones… idc about doing nothing while sailing to get seeds or heart or whatever… i got em on the spot fine otherwise idc. if you have fun fine… but i dont it’s boring af… i wanna grind G R I N D

I mean you complain you are bored, then people give you a dozen things to do and you say no thanks…

Just hit t3 and spam infinite chaos

You have to understand that this is a F2P Game.

All the time-gates and limitations are there to give you FOMO and increase the potential of spending money on the shop.

Want to do more Life-Skilling? Buy some Life potions on the Shop!
Want to have more gambling shots on honing? Buy more materials on the Shop!
Want to skip dailies while still getting the gold? Buy some Skip Tickets!

Basically anything in this Game is constructed to be a huge Grind, while also increasing FOMO. They just hide it kind of well so that it still feels like being “f2p friendly”.

But once more people are in T3 and face those 1-digit honing chances and grind-walls, the narrative might change. But it is too early for that, after under 4 weeks.

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Go to kill goblins

Farm chaos dungeons beyond the 2 runs, you will get shards which you can exchange for materials.

Except the shard exchange is also time gated.

Yes and no. At least at tier 3 that is.

MMO wasnt designed to let you. Go find something else to play. There are limitations on everything for a reason.