Deleted 560 ilvl item by mistake... help!

So apparently, I’ve deleted my upgraded head gear on my main character. I think, during a session of trashing items, I’ve been right-clicking on one head gear that instantly replaced the one I had equipped. This new piece is obviously back at 302.

I know it’s my mistake for not paying attention, but we receive so many items through different activities that some mistake can happen. And given that I’ve now hit an enormous wall of grind to get that item back to 560, my friends whom I’ve been playing with will continue to move on and reach the next tier without me…

Would it be possible to get that item back at the 560 ilvl by any way ?

Thanks a lot

item 2

Character name : Grise
Server : Trixion

Hello! @tenshek

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I’m sorry for this situation that you are experiencing right now with your item.

In this case I’d recommend to get in contact with a representative from the live channels to report this situation so a ticket can be crated.

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I’ve contacted the representative using the live channels, and he openned a ticket to the lead team.

I don’t know how I can keep track of the ticket though. Where should I go to see my ticket ?

Thanks again

Hello @tenshek.

In this case to get updates on the ticket you will need to contact a representative from the live channels so they can provide you with the information.