Deleted Char Recovery!

Recovery deleted char
Region: NA East
Server: Regulus
Char name: ( i forgot )
(in case, i have a Destroyer 1490. Name: Icedeûs)
Class: Gunslinger
Item level: 1415

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Hey there @IceDeus!

I found a Gunslinger named Moonlightktm, I recovered it for you, however, I’m not entirely sure if that’s the Gunslinger you wanted to recover because of the item level, please let me know if that’s the case, I’ll be waiting for your reply. :wink:

i have other, nixdeam maybe it’s name or sylphdea

it’s a recent GS…

I did find sylphdea, thanks. for some reason it didn’t show up on the list.

Let’s do the following: you can delete Moonlightktm again, do the whole deletion process and once the slot is empty you come back and tag me here so I can recover sylphdea for you. Is that OK with you? :face_holding_back_tears:

yeah no problem. i delete and tag u tomorrow then. apology for the inconvenience!

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That’s awesome, and sorry about the extra steps.

Talk to you tomorrow around this time, be safe in the meantime. :wink:

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Hi @Santoryu it was already deleted when u can restore Sylphdea i appreciated it!

Hello there @IceDeus,

I hope you’re doing good today.

Let me help you in restoring your Gunslinger named Sylphdea.


I’ve successfully restored your requested character!

Please launch the game now and you should be able to see it.

Have a good one!

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Thank you!

sorry for the inconveniece!

have a great day/night!

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