Deleted Char restoration?

Good afternoon/evening

I was wondering if its possible i can please get a deleted character restored.

I am on NAE UNA
and the characters name was Expresspassceo which is a striker. Hopefully i can get some help please

Hi @HGODS, welcome back to our community :smiley: a.

Let me take a look into this, it will be a pleasure help you with the request.

I’ll be right back.

Ahh @Firus thank you for the reply :smiley:

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I found the character Expresspassceo, can you please close the game for a few minutes while I finish the restoration? Sorry for bother you with that jeje,


My apologies for the delay, i was in a yoho. Hopefully you saw my ingame message.

i am now logged off

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Yes no worries I totally get it,

I’ve successfully restored the character Expresspassceo, you can launch the game now and check if is back.

Have a great day ahead! Enjoy your game time,

Stay safe and healthy. :balloon:

Much appreciated @Firus

I see my char, but i think im missing 100k gold. LOL im juust kidding. take it easy

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