Deleted Character back?


I deleted my character so i can create another class but i realized i have no more knowledge transfer. Is there any way to delete my Striker and get my Scrapper back again? i dont want to play story line again and again and i want my Scrapper back ^^ Thank you

Hello @Bogac3434 ,

Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I hope you’re having a great day, For sure we can help you restoring your character in Lost Ark.

I will need the character name, region, server & Empty character slot. If you remember the level that will be helpful too!

Once you have these things available , Just tag me, I’ll be around


Character Name : Kaayano
Region and Server: EUC Kadan
Level : 50
But i do not have empty character slot but i want to delete my Striker which is a new character.
Do i have to wait 24 hours to delete my Striker? I hope i do not.

Hi @Bogac3434,

I found the char Kaayano and I’m ready to restore it. I understand you don’t have any slot available for the restoration but you want to delete the Striker. In this case if your Striker is lvl 10 you can delete it right away, if is lvl 11 or higher you will have to wait the 24 hours process.

I’ll be tuned to your reply in case that you delete the char or buy an extension,


Okay, thanks for your help! I am waiting 24 hours process.

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I have deleted my Striker so i have 1 empty character slot now. I am ready!

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Thanks for the update @Bogac3434.

I do see you are online, lemme know once you are disconnect so that i can recover it for you.

I disconnected

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Thanks for the prompt reply,

I’ve successfully restored your character , you can launch the game now and check.

If there is anything else I can help with just tag me, I’ll be around

Cheers :slight_smile:

I have checked and my character is here. Thank you so much for help! Have a great day!