Deleted Character. Help

just wondering if it’s possible to restore a deleted character? I really didn’t mean to delete it, but it just happened. Anyway, if it can be restored, that would be great. There are 2 characters a soulfist and a demonic, the soulfist in t3 and the demonic in t1, im in NA Server: Azena
i have 2 slot in mi account, I hope you can recover, thank you very much

Hello @irnel_lopez

I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll be helping you with your character restoration.

I will need the character name, region and server. If you remember the level that will be helpful too!

Thank you, I still hope you are having a great day, I already disconnected

Could you please help me with the main or deleted character name ?

my main character is Irneel is a striker, I don’t remember what the name of soulfist and demonic was, I’ve had many characters and since I didn’t have space I deleted some a long time ago

Thanks for the prompt reply,

I’ve successfully restored the Soulfist,

There are 2 Demonic charterers named : Purplemoonn Level 20 & Irneliaa Lvl 10. Which one you want me to recover.

I will be waiting for your confirmation.


Thanks for the update,

However, i am afraid because i do not see any empty character slot to recover your Demonic.

I’ll be tuned to your reply in case that you delete the char or buy an extension,


Can I enter to buy a space?

Sure, you can. I had already recovered the soulfist.

ready, there is space

That was so quick :grin:

BTW, I’ve successfully restored your Demonic, you can launch the game now and check.

If there is anything else I can help with just tag me, I’ll be around

Cheers :slight_smile:

if it is that I already had the crystals haha, thank you very much!

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