Deleted character help #####

Hello i deleted my berserker but i want it back, is that possible?

Hello, @robin61.

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forums!

I hope you’re doing good.

I’ll surely help you in restoring your deleted character.

Please help me with the Character name & Server it is on.

Also I would require you to please be offline while I restore the character and make sure there is available free slot.

Iv forgot the Berserker name actually i deleted it few days ago, any chance you can see the information about him?

Sure, I will try to help you with this.
However, I need atleast a bit of info to find the required data.

Could you please help with the Server name or the Region name? or your main character name on the server.

I’ve found the character.

It is Dajustice (Berserker - Lvl 50).

Can I go ahead with the restoration?
Please make sure you’re offline from the game.

I’ve successfully restored your character.

  • Dajustice (Berserker Lvl 50)

Please launch the game and check if everything looks okay.

Kadan , Eu central, Main now is Conjuringxx right now, main before was Conjuring

yes go ahead, im off now

Everything looks great, thank you for the help. Have a nice evening

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You’re welcome and you have a wonderful evening as well! ★