Deleted character please help

i thought one of the new characters were out, and so i deleted a character darthbunnbunn thinking i could make a new class, but its not out yet… so can i please have the charcter restored? server karta

Hi @woolf3r Welcome to the Forum! :lion:

I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll be more happy to help you with your character! :sparkles:

Give me just a moment to check your account to see if it is possible to restore your character. Also remember to be offline and a free character slot. :man_mage:

UPDATE: @woolf3r I was trying to find your character but I couldn’t find any character under that name darthbunnbunn, can you confirm if the name is correct or you can provide me the name of your main character or another character on your account.

Thanks in advance for the information! :sparkles:

main character is snekyninjatv
and im 99% sure that was the correct name of my deathblade

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Thanks again for the information @woolf3r ! :sparkles: :man_mage:

I was able to find your account and just to double check the character that you would like to restore is Deadlybunnbunn lvl 10?

Also I need you to disconnect from the game just for a quick moment to complete the character restoration, please let me know when you are ready! :slight_smile:

YES sorry i tohught it was darthbunnbunn not dealy haha

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finishing a chaos dunge then ill log off and il post when im off TY!

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logged off

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@woolf3r don’t worry! :slight_smile: your character is now restored! :sparkles: :mage:

You can restart the game to check if your character is back and if you need anything else please let me know! :lion:

Safe travels in Arkesia! :world_map: :crossed_swords:

thank you!

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