Deleted character restorin

Hi, Sorry for the inconvinience but i want to restore my lvl 50 scrapper on europe central region/ beatrice server
the issue is that i have forgotten its name/not so sure of it.

I’d be very gratefull if you can look for the character for me and if possible go ahead and restore it too

Many thanks in advance

Hello @SaiZaR, welcome to the forums!!

I can help you restore the lvl 50 scrapper! But i do need a name in order to locate it :confused:

Can you please provide me the name of another character that you have on the same roaster?

I’ll wait for your answer! :mage:

Ow i thought you can check the forum and steam linked account ;
Yes my other chars are Astraldeva Arkadious Grimdancer

It’s done @SaiZaR !

I have restored your character Ryuguru, level 50 scrapper. Can you please confirm if this was the character you wanted?

You may need to restart the game in order to see it again in the character selection!

Thank you sir for the help and sorry for the inconvinience

No problem!

Let me know if you need further assistance!

Farewell! :mage: