Deleted items help mercy

Server :American east Azena
Character name: Neversleep
Class: gunslinger

My girlfriend deleted my character gears yesterday morning. I believe the exact time is around 5:30am 3/15

She was angry at me for spending too much time on the game

My character level is 1379, with one chosen set weapon+11, two chosen set armor pieces and 2 Argos set armor pieces(the preordained one )I can’t remember which parts and what enhanced level for each of them.

I also have a tier 2 ability stone with 8 keenblunt weapon and 5 ardeline. A set of accessories which make up to lv3 keenblunt weapon, cursed doll, hit master, level 1 peacemaker and level 1 ardeline. About the accessories you can check my auction hall purchase history I think I bought them either at 3/13 or 3/14.

I have submitted a ticket via the game support and the email told me they can’t recovered deleted items and they have to sent the case to game dev to further take a look at it.

I created the topic because I want to know if restored an deleted item(not dismantled) is possible. If i get an answer that it is impossible to be restored then I will plan to bring up another character or just quiting the game. If it is possible then I can ask my friend to carry me through dailies while waiting for you guys to solve the problem as soon as possible.

I am a platinum dlc buyer starting the game since first day, and spent almost 2000 dollars in the past month and 400 game hours. I climb to the level without using any bot or gold trading while having to work 7 hrs a day. It is a very hard work for me to accomplish and I don’t wanna give up my character easily. I have got my items restored in other mmo such as black desert and wow. I don’t think it is a difficult stuff to do since I saw you guys restored a deleted character.

Plz reply and help

Hello @gzpjy123456, Welcome to the forums!

I’m so sorry to hear about it. :confused:

Unfortunately, dismantling or destroying an item can’t be undone, reason why at this point the gear that was destroyed can not be recovered.

My apologies for any inconvenience .

but is there a way i can just get the base legendary equitments? even with +0
i cannot really get into doing anything right now. because there is no meaning for me to upgrade again from 1302, and if my friends carry me into t3 hard dungeon it will take about 4 -5 weeks for me to even craft all the gears and start upgrading them

can u just return me the base equipment according to my record. or materials, because even if i dismantled them i can even get the materials back. i have my history highest score showing that i am 1379 you can check my account. otherwise i have no other possible way to keep this character playing