Deleted login bonus items :(

Hello dear Lost Ark support,

Unaware of how the shared storage works between characters I accidentally lost some items because I deleted a character with them.
I put the 50 Phoenix Plume from the daily login and some other items in the normal character stash, before deleting the character, as I thought it would be the shared stash.
Is there a way to restore the lost items?
A new character with the same name is already created, so I hope it is not a problem!

Thank you for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply.

Server: EU West - Punika
Deleted character: Jayli

Hello! :mage:

I understand that you accidentally deleted a character with the game’s login bonus items. I’m sorry to hear about that. In this case, i would recommend Contacting Us via our live chat service so one of our representatives can help you raise a web ticket regardingthis issue. Unfortunately, i can’t garantee that something can be donde about this, but i’m sure trying to get some assistance from them won’t hurt! I hope this helps!
Farewell! :crossed_swords:

Thank you for the quick answer!
I’ve only written here because I searched and saw a similiar solution where the forum’s support could help out a fellow player.

But I will also try to reach the live chat service!

I understand, upon searching for the character i can see that multiple characters with the same name have been deleted. Can you tell me the class for the specific character you would like to restore? That way i can try and restore it for you ASAP!

Ah, sure. It was a Mage - Sorceress and should have been the first one with this name that I deleted. Afterwards I made more characters before I got the appearance right.

I’m back! Unfortunately, I have not been able to restore the character. This may have happenned due to the last character having the same name :sweat_smile: . In this case, as I am unable to change characters’ names, I would suggest contacting our live chat support to see if they can help you with the aid of raising a ticket! I hope they’re able to help you ASAP!

Thank you still for your assistance. I’m in contact with the live chat right now.