Deleted Paladin help restore plz

i deleted my Paladin a little while back is it possible to restore it it was lvl 50+ not sure what the naem of it was

Im on Eu Central and Kadan

Hello @Neth !

For sure we can help you. Would you be able to tell me the name of another character that you have? In this way I may find that Paladin!

Also, I will need you no stay out of the game and have a slot available in order to restore the character.

i have a gunslinger called nethpew

Hey thanks for the info!

So I restored a paladin lvl 50, the name was Nethhhhhh.

You can check if it is there and let me know!

I hope this helps, have a great adventure :shield: :crossed_swords: !

Yes all sorted thankyou

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