Deleted Super Express Character

Hi, I deleted a character that was bounded to the super express without knowing that I needed to unbind the event from the character first. Am I able to restore the event on my new character in any way or even restore my deleted character? The progress is currently only at 1%, thanks

New character is Mimichou on Valtan
Deleted character is Juhuatai on Valtan

Hi @HawkIU, it’s a huge pleasure give you the welcome to our community,

My apologies to hear about the misunderstanding with the character deleted by mistake. Unfortunately I can not move the event to a different character but I can restore the character you deleted and you can take actions on your own.

I’m going to proceed with the character restoratio, if you are online please close the game for a few minutes,

Thanks! :balloon:

Thanks, I am offline now. I don’t know what you can do from your end but you can delete my new character for my old one if you need to since I’m out of character slots, as I need to wait 24 hours to delete a level 50 char. Alternatively I can buy a character slot if needed.

Hey @HawkIU,

Unfortunately I can not delete the character for you, but no problem. If you want you can buy the character slot and I will restore the character right away! Or we can just wait and tomorrow at this time I’ll restore the character and I’ll updte you in this post when I’m done with that.

Let me know wich choose, I’ll be tuned to your reply :wink:

Best regards.

Hey @Firus,

I’ve bought a character slot, thanks so much for your help!

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Character has been successfully restored!

Anything else you need just let me know, I’m a tag of distance :wink:


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