Deleted Tier 2 Marvelous chest and legs

Good Morning,

I accidentally deleted my Tier 2 chest and legs while trying to figure out how to dismantle them.
Can you please revert this deletion? If that is not possible, can you please credit me the mats required to reach level 11 chest and legs??

Nope,they do not revert any game states no matter how big your mistake was,its still your mistake not the games,sorry.Better luck next rime

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if that’s the case I’m literally uninstalling lol. too much work to just literally disappear.

It did not dissapear,you deleted them.There is a big difference,for example if i had a +20 weapon and i log into the game and i find that my weapon simply vanished from my slot,then it would be the games problem,but on the other hand if I crtl right click that +20 weapon,click on delete,click on “yes” and then the weapon vanishes,then its my error and my fault and so the game devs and support have nothing to do with it.This is basically the same as you dying in a ghost ship,not getting any rewards and asking devs to give you the rewards anyway,its not their fault you died,its yours.


I don’t agree that their shouldn’t be any support to refund items already earned. Thank you for your opinion though, I’ll wait for a dev answer.

There is support to “refund items” if it was a problem with the game (bug/glitch/error) as others mentioned. Sadly here you made a mistake and now you have to work to get them back.

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Greetings @greg_laszlok123

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Thank you very much for the approach and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

Unfortunately we are not able to restore nor refund these types of items even if it was not intentional, it was a decision taken on your end.

I’m sorry for all type of inconveniences and problems this issue may caused you without mention the bad experience you have gone through trying to run or play the game

I hope this information granted has been provided you gives a great and helpful insight.

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And if you decide not to uninstall, I think what you were looking for might be gear transfer. I don’t see a reason to ever dismantle a +11 gear; I believe that it does not refund you the mats you have used. If you want to move the level into another gear (blue gear to purple gear, or T2 gear to T3 gear, etc), you simply use gear transfer available at the gear honing npc.



Thank you for your help!

Told you

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