This is something i can get on behind, amazon has said they will listen feedback about the future release schedule, we definitely need more than 1 per month.

On paper 1 month may seem short time, but for a player who is waiting their champ 3-4 month is a killer.

We have to find a balance. there are 20-30k scouter mains stuck without further developing in the game because we dont have our main…

I hope next roadmap fixes this.

You do realise they want (or even need to) release power passes with each class right? You want them to give you several free t2/t3 characters every month? Are you insane?

Also I REALLY hope people that complain about classes are coming from other servers and have played them, it would be PATHETIC for someone to complain about not having their “main” and haven’t even played the class and bases that on videos.