Deleting Time of a Charakter

Im waiting now for 6 Days that my Shadowhunter getting deleted.

What are they Doing ?
I mean first i have to wait 24 hours so my request is getting to worked on. Okay not ideal but i can live with it .
But 24 hours for just Deleting a Charakter isnt enough.
No, they need mutliple Days to Delete my Charakter i requested to do.

WoW is so bad but u can delete ur Charakter instant after ur Request.
Think about it .

You have to reclick the Button to delete it after the 24hrs are over

The only button i see is the cancel delete button.

Bottom right it was if i remember correct

you follow the same process to start a character deletion

once that 24 hour period is up, you have to redo the deletion part to actually delete it. think the timer is just a safety extra

Wow, ure right. But how should i know this :sweat_smile:

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its not very well explained lol, the ui can be kinda beans at tiimes

So true
but thx that helped me a lot.
maybe i would still waiting without u guys :rofl: