Deletion character system made me loose my name

Hey i deleted my lvl 15 character, had to wait 24 hours for it, when it was ready to delete i clicked on delete again and i did it. The problem is that now that name is already taken. How is that possible? I created the new character right after i deleted my old one and name was already taken… what is this? The only reason why i deleted it it was to give the name to another classs and now it’s gone? Maybe the name is locked for 24? I dont know but its really upsetting… any help?

The name isnt usable for something like 60days if you delete a character over lvl10

whaaat? and how can i know when my name is gonna be available again? .-. thanks for the reply!

Not sure xD just mark the date 60days from now and make an ult character then and try come up with a creative name right now
Sorry mate

Omg no way… i could be dead in 60 days x) all right thanks for the info i guess i will do that. But is there no way to open a ticket or contact support?