<Demolition Crew> [Azena] PvE focused raiding community

Demolition Crew Is a former raiding guild from WoW, established around 2014. We are currently recruiting members for our raid teams, and casual guild members are welcome as well! We are looking to build a welcoming environment for players in Lost Ark, as well as push high end PvE content. We also plan on playing AoC once it is released.

We are currently made up of two guilds: Demolition Crew, and Demolition Crew II

We currently have one full static, and are recruiting for our second and third. Donations and being in the discord server are required for all members. We ensure that we are not wasting guild slots on inactive members. Casual members are more than welcome! All we ask is that you are active and contributing as necessary.

What are we recruiting?
Static one- Full
Static two- recruiting support
Static three- recruiting all roles + a raid lead
We are also always recruting active, casual members who are friendly and willing to donate.

[Why Us?]

:sparkles: Strong Community
:sparkles: Leadership that has been working together for years
:sparkles: Players help each other with resources, guides, and the like
:sparkles: Active in Discord and voice
:sparkles: Boosted Discord Server
:sparkles: Lots of planning behind the guild
:sparkles: 0 Toxicity and Bigotry Policy

Interested? Join here: