Demonic SH weapon quality

It is said that demonic SH doesnt use her weapon quality and it actually works by cloning her weapon and giving that one max quality or something similar.

Is there anybody that can confirm this? Searching for it online gives me zero results.

Makes No sense and If this rly is a Thing its for sure a Bug and you shouldntvabuse a bug

Tell us how to do this

Did you even read the post? It’s not a bug, that’s how it apparently is coded.

Where did you even hear this?

“it is said” by who? Never heard about that and highly doubt it…

It’s on the game lore, but I skipped all cutscenes so idk.

Friend said they said it is from Korea.

I did my own testing just now and got some decent results in my opinion.

I ran this with 1800 spec, Grudge 3, Raid captain 3, hitmaster 3 and demonic impulse 1 to get some bigger numbers. I forgot to take off my accessories though. This shows a clear bias towards the higher quality weapon. The normalized quality just shows the luck the 20 runs had. With the lower quality weapon having more luck, it still did less damage than the higher quality weapon on average.

The same goes for these runs. Same settings except this time I took off my accessories

It again shows a clear bias towards the higher quality weapon.

TL/DR: My friend lied to me, or he was lied to first and then passed on wrong information. Demonic SH makes use of weapon quality just like any other class.

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Why would they even Code this different for 1 Class use your Common sense