Design points stronghold problem

My points for placing structures in my stronghold is only at 347/500 but I am unable to place anymore structures down as I keep getting the message “You can add no more structures because you have already reached the maximum Design Points”. As well as not being able to place down anymore characters as for some reason my character points is at 1800/780.
@ThunderWolf @Kagami

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Have issues as well

Is there something to upgrade/unlock in the lab that will affect the strongholds Design Points ?

@Santoryu This would be the post

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Hey there, @Khonshu!

Thanks for tagging me, and again my apologies for us to take this long to check into your topic.

I will take a look and see if there’s any reports related to this, so allow me a moment.

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I’m just glad you responded. If you could find a fix to this if any that would be great, or if there needs to be a patch, etc.

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@Santoryu is this still being looked at??

Correct, in fact I’m moving this topic to the bug report section to give it proper visibility here as well.

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Having this issue as well since last patch, says 374/600 and 1648/900 for people… and I can’t place anything down in my main island spots… even though I have room? any fix? :open_mouth: