Destined to get the short end of the stick

So, CD Project was originally founded in Poland, it’s 100% an European company for the western market primarily.

Despite that, rumors says they decided to collab with SG to release an update this winter to “bring the most authentic Witcher experience to Lost Ark”.

IN KOREA FIRST? What a low blow

That is EU’s purpose in life.

That’s not a good excuse.
I think that should be a western update first, even if the game is mainly korean.
Korea don’t even give 1 single F about The Witcher

mate last 90 days… witcher is an old game so try the date it came out or something. No years after release of any withcer franchise with lost ark being on top right now with new class and a lot of updates.

You can take longer time span, it doesn’t matter.
The game had not the same market as the western.
This is disrespecting to us

how? Its a koren company with korean game trying to do a crossover with ano EU company. They want to implement it to the best version of the game = Korean. Its will eventualy come to us , even maybe at the same time, you dont know that yet 100% , so why are you angry for something that doesnt exist yet.