Destroyer changes - 19th release

Greetings AGS CM team and community, I think one of the most expected news is when the KR patch changes will be applied to our version.

Will the destroyer in may 19th tentative day, will be the revamped version? Or we will have to learn the class 2 times? Hope it come with the changes.


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May 19th?

Where was this shared?

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one of the CMs shared that this date looks promising for the relese on one of the threads that asked where ppl are with their ilvl or something like that

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My apologies should have written tentative 19th as Roxx said in her post.

Destroyer will indeed be the revamped version!



From best of my knowledge, I believe that they plan to have the balance patch applied when destroyer comes out. Hopefully balance for existing classes also gets applied with that update.

Don’t quote me on it though.

Thanks a lot Roxx and CM team for your attention. Sorry to bother your busy day, have a nice week!

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Will the whole balance patch be applied to our version too?


is this an indirect confirmation of we get the whole balance patch <3?

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What about the rest of the balance changes? When can we expect those in NA/EU?

Some of them are extremely juicy, for example, I simply cannot wait to be able to spacebar out of my arty’s wheelchair. That is easily the biggest QOL update I’m looking forward too

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mah poor surgeblade “nervous laughter”:sweat_smile:

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will this may update include all character PTR changes?

Noice, bonk 15% faster!

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if you can tell us, will we just get the balance patch as a whole as it pertains to the classes in our version? or just destroyer for now?

Thank you for the update, keep it up Roxx :slight_smile:

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And for the balance changes? Will this come aswell or do we need to wait some more time?

Just giving my own personal opinion, but I do not think they would apply the entire patch itself cause we are currently not on the same ilvl, gear, or content as KR. Skill changes to animation sure I understand, but buff and nerf to skills damage are based on KR current gear which we do not have.

thanks roxx !!! I’m so happy to read this

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:star_struck: first week 1445 here we go!