Destroyer confirmed for launch?

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Destroyer hype!

Dude it is a NPC in the game who uses a hammer…
They said multiple times there would be only 15 classes


also, if we go by that, we should get Kaiser raid, which we def. will not, since it has been removed from all regions >.<
but they keep using footage from it cause it “looks cool”

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My guess is the “big announcement” from Gold River tonight is basically that 1 or 2 classes more were able to be added in time for launch.

My money is on Destroyer and possibly Lancemaster.

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ohhh i’d love lancemaster at release <3 but if they’d add more classes, wouldnt summoner make more sense since it was… allrdy announced nd such?



He means the destroyer in the party…

They are likely just using video created on the Korean build of the game. Tho i would love to be wrong and it seems they are holding the patch notes back till after Gold River does his thing tonight

Lost Ark will be move to Ue5

Don’t know where you took this screenshot as I didn’t see it in the video he has linked, he said at 0:27 before modifying his post. At 0:27 it is a NPC who uses a hammer and that’s all.

While the Destroyer will eventually be included in our build of the game, it will not be available at launch. Apologies for any confusion!


I don’t think there were confusions! You said many many times there will be 15 classes at launch, you are doing super well your work. I guess people are hoping for their classes with the director’s announcement.

This is so clickbait! But only because I want to play Destroyer really badly. (Deep Sigh!!)

Screenshot is from Director trailer