Destroyer, Deathblade, Sorceress. Which is more annoying?

Any balance on PVP or is this a forum to vent with no real fixes? Just stick to Korean fixes?


Support shields :slight_smile:


If you think Sorceress is a problematic class, I’m convinced that you are simply a bad player. They have no instant cast abilities and all of their abilities can be interrupted. When your abilities get interrupted in this game, they go on cooldown. People who claim Sorc is OP can’t dodge to save their life, then they get frustrated when the sorc has a ton of blinks from feeding off the person facetanking the sorc’s abilities. They are C on GM tier lists for a reason.


show a single GM with a recent tier list that has them at C lmao

Most Gms ive seen has sorc as top 2-3 classes in the entire game and in the broken / problematic tier lol

Which if you have played the game as a non sorc character would understand


sorc by far is the most frustrating class currently released.
hitboxes on almost every single ability is broken, randomized stagger durations, float bug that can just get you 1shot, longest hard CC durations and RNG hard CC.
When summoner releases the crown will be passed on, but as it is the sorc reigns supreme in bullshit departement. I dont think I had a single game where I have not been fucked by being yeeted back, rng long staggered or rng insta CCed or rng lifted bugged.


shields are the most broken thing in pvp below it is artillerist overtuned damage + his self shield that makes him immuny to cc, gives DR AND stack with other shields, they can basically halve or 2/3 your life with a single combo. and guess what, the CD is very short. they dont even need to be mobile and fast. they have enough protection and skills for survivability and if paired with any support the class become almost a god in pvp.
deathblades and shadowhunters are other very over tuned classes with nice range and aoe + great damage dealers.
sorcerer is simply broken, I cant even compare her to other classes.


Which is more annoying? Players who blame ‘balance’ because their favoured class can’t counter every other class.

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Destroyer cause i feel his abilities have T3 super armor as sometimes there are T3 stuns that don’t stop them.

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They have t3 sa during awakening and identity and then they have 5xt2 sa

Identity is T3 abd bot T2?? Hmm i need to know how it both awakenings and identity looks then, and if they can cancel animations or something like that

identity is boink mode

The Destroyer mains are fat garbage, beyond the magician and the DB, this is the most broken class by far, the one who defends it is a main destroyer who likes 30cm bananas

So awakening is the ome who makes an elecrticity field and the other one that does like a symbol woth circles before it hits right?

Identity is the circle of electricity that slows everyone and they become immune to all CC and can only auto attack and use a Z pull in ability

Awakening is the big hammer lift up people into the air then slam down

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vs 2x Sorcs
Massive AoE CC and quick teleporting, standard superarmor doesnt have against elemental cc.

Against Destroyer you can dash out from “eletric field” and suddenly he is sitting duck.

I think artis are the most annoying generally speaking, if we’re talking pure frustration factor. After that would be sharpshooter with their cone stun honestly. It’s such a forgiving disengage tool.

it depends i guess.

deathblade is just outright unfair in my opinion… they could be “fixed” by removing stagger-protection from maelstrom as i find it insanely unbalanced that a class that already has high stagger-prot AND mobility also has a skill that gives them stagger-prot for just walking about.

sorc is annoying due to range, multi-hit spells for stagger and lifts but she isnt the biggest deal, as long as theres only 1.

the BIGGEST issue generally arises when you are put against multiples of the same class.
and i had team deathmatch games against 3 sorcs or co-op battles against 6 destroyers (not joking, full enemy team was only destroyers).
THAT should not happen, no duplicate classes should be in the same team EVER.
this rule exists in most (if not all) pvp-games that at least try to be taken seriously.

apart from that, sharpshooter and artillerist are quite annoying for any class that doesnt have a lot of stagger-protection.

don’t even know why sorc is being mentioned, its tier is no where near destroyer or deathblade, it’s utter trash compared to them as sorcs are so easily countered which is why you rarely see them in competitive play

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