Destroyer DPS compared to other front/back atk classes

My destroyer is at 1472 ilvl, have both accessory sets, one for gravity training, one for rage hammer. My engravings: super charge, barricade, master brawler, gravity training/rage hammer, and heavy armor. 3 pieces earth entropy set. My average damage per minute in trixion is 120milion. Even if i would replace my heavy armor with grudge it would be around 150mil. The problem started at my Kungelanium raids. There are always some scrappers/deathblade/artillerist, who do 40% dmg to boss. My DPS in trixion is 120 mil, but in real fight i wont land all my attack in front, because every boss is moving around to attack my teammates. I was curious about those scrapper and deathblades and i saw DPS tests of ppl with similar ilvl to me. A deathblade did around 400mil. Its 3 times higher than me. I hit with perfect swing in trixion 20/25mil(gravity training/rage Hammer) and this deathblade was hitting for 60mil. Now im thinking about changing main, i wonder how much dps arcanist do. Everyone talks about how sorc/zerk is op, but i easily do more at kungelanium(same ilvl players), but deathblade/artilerist/scrapper just do insane dmg, like 2ppl in one, and i cant be even compared to them. (artilerist does not need head/back attack)

Do you have your gems and tripods high up? Do you have correct stats?

You CANNOT run heavy armor on any dps class and complain about dmg. You just cannot. Also, yes, you won’t always be able to hit back/front attacks. No class can. But destroyer is especially bad at it since he’s slow. I reccomend running cursed doll instead. He’s tanky enough to not really need full heals.


Wait - where are you getting these numbers? 120 mil DPS is absolutely insane, let alone 400m. Are you actually talking about Damage Per Minute? Or some other arbitrary interval? That top number in the DPS calculator is additive, so unless a timer is set, can make that as high as you want.

There are also many other factors beyond iLVL. Gems, tripods, set bonuses. 6 piece set is a huge DPS increase. Level 10 gem is 40% damage while a level 7 is only 21%. Someone rolling all lvl 5 tripods will out DPS someone on 3/4s. Did they set customs services stats and engravings? The latter alone can artificially shoot your damage through the roof.

Also, while Destroyer does indeed get some nice big numbers, can’t really compare their top number against a Surge Blade hit. Big Peen numbers belong to Surge, or if you truly want the biggest number, Soulfist’s World Devastation.

All that said, for Engravings, Master Brawler should actually be your 5th priority due to the situational limitations on it. Grudge trumps it. Heavy Armor is good maybe on Gravity Training so you can just face tank mechanics and still get your DPS off (though is obviously a DPS loss compared to DPSing with an actual DPS engraving), but is an absolute waste on Rage Hammer.

There are also other factors beyond just DPS when it comes to classes. Defenses, counters, stagger, weak point, utility, etc. People don’t desire Gunlancers in raids because they’re top DPS, and Destroyers take much from their book and just turn the dial a bit from utility over to DPS. You’re still tanky as heck, can interrupt mechanics with a taunt, have two counters, and absurd stagger/weakpoint damage. You’re not playing Destroyer to be the pinnacle of DPS.


You have to show us screenshot of your stats, armor set (relic weapon quality), gems, and tripods. These are big sources of damage.

You cant compare your damage to deathblades as they are a pure dps class (especially surge in trixion) while destroyer is a tank-bruiser.

Well im not complaining about minor DPS difference. As you know grudge is only 20%, even if i replace heavy armor with it i wont go beyond 150mil/min. With current build and full earth entropy set i predict to do 160-170mil/min, with grudge instead of heavy armor maybe around 200. Meanwhile deathblade on same ilvl did about 400mil/minute. Also artilerist as tanky class, with no back/front atk do insane DPS. I have artilerist alt and on night fox/oreha i very often do much more dmg than higher ilvl players(other class with more engravings).

Stop compare urself to giga whales.
My deathblade is stacked with:

some lvl 5 tripods
full lvl 7 gems few lvl 8
+22 wep
4 piece entropie
2 piece salv.

And my damge after 2 min is 430 mil. So I guess 200 mill/min isn’t bad at all.

Pic for proof

have 1470 destroyer rage hammer with supercharge, barricade and master brawler and doing 2,2 with 2pcs of entropy and 2pcs of poem with 2pcs of argos set. So with full entropy you can go up to 3 mil i guess.

You cant compare destroyer to top dps classes. The balance will not be perfect ever.

You have also utility in form of taunt and top stagger in the game. Also you are tanky.
You wont be MVP all the time but some time yes. I was yesterday twice MVP on my turtle runs.

You are Remaining Energy deathblade. One who did 400mil was Surge deathblade.

First issue: Heavy Armor. It doesnt do much for you, if anything just get protection runes.

Second: You have a lot of skill damage engravings but none actually increase base attack power. You need something like increase mass, cursed doll, or grudge.

Thirdly: tripods and gems matter a LOT more than you think. Be sure to work on those.

Fourth: make sure you have decent item quality. The stat bonuses off your weapon is immense.

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Surge blade testing in Trixion only gives you numbers for what an ideal situation would look like. This is pretty much never the case in actual raids/dungeons, especially if you have random patterns like Vykas.

Testing for Remaining Energy however, gives you a much better estimate as it is much closer to actual game play.

When I test in Trixion, I do about 15-20% more damage with Surge than RE. So, looking at RE damage is a way to determine to get a rough estimate for Surge.

Given that raid mechanics have an impact. The overall damage between RE and Surge are roughly the same.

Youre not beating any similarly geared sorc or zerker on dps on anything, all other things equal.

Like others have said, destroyers have the edge in other categories outside of pure DPS. You cant compare a tanky stagger gigachad bonk bonk to a squishy dps focused class.

After a 3 minute test on Trixion, I end up a bit higher than 400M damage with my taijutsu scrapper 1462 with 4 earth entropy + 2 salvation poem / weapon +20 / 4x3 +1x2 engraving / tripod for most lvl 4 /gemme lvl 5-7. On the other hand, in my roster of “normal” people on Vikas HM, I’m not first dps, but I do stagger 2 + players and even on a Kongelanium, if I manage one day to play with good players, with this staggering gap I would certainly be MVP

You should change main if you took the time to post this. It seems you enjoy being top DPS instead of enjoying the classes themselves. Be prepared to bust out the swipes though, because you will probably be changing mains often with that mindset.

First of all your priority is not set right. Your dmg engraving should be class> super charge> gurdge> barricade> master brawler.

Reason why is bcs super charge and grudge will ALWAYS amplify ALL ur damage. Barricade only applies when shielded so only purple skill since they give shield. And master brawler is situational. But we always try to aim for front for maximum out. If it possible is a different question.

Now your second issue is you are comparing yourself with randoms. Even if you habe the same il there are soo many factors that you cant compare yourself like that with another player let say another class. Are your gem level equal, are you tripods equal ? Are your stats allocated correctly ?

You might be comparing apples with pears.
I have a destroyer in my party and he easly keeps up with the dps of the rest. The question is more do you understand ur class ? If you play rage hammer. 80% is coming from your perfect swing. By just buying perfect swing tripods and gems you can significantly increase ur dps. Destoyer have some niche animation cancels like pressed space the oment seismic hammer is cat to not get the whole stand up animation.

My alt went from 5-6 mil crit to 17 mil by just adding lvl 5 tripods to perfecr swing and lvl 7 gems

I think your first process should be to understand ur class better before you start comparing it with others. And then compare with a same setup

I would add that the destroyer is not meant to be a top tier dps class, but is very welcomed when doing raids because a good destroyer brings additional counterattacks. Whenever I see a destroyer or gunlancer in our group I feel more confident that ‘we got this’.

People often forget that destroyer can ignore some mechanics because of ignore pain and his shields and keep dps, where other dps classes have to run for their lives. So your dps on a dummy will always be lower compared to squishy dps classes.

This is 100% false. I shit on zerker damage with my destroyer at 1480…… sorc is a different story

But zerks are overrated as hell now and their damage is not that amazing, not considered top tier anymore

Maybe you’re still playing in T2 lol

Isn’t destroyer the second tankiest class behind gunlancer. Why would you run HA?

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Almost every turtle run I have MVP with destroyer. (1467)

Running rage hammer, barricade, master brawler, grudge and supercharge.

Your skills gives you shielding, you basically never need to run away from the turtle. This means you have almost 100 percent uptime of your abilities