Destroyer dps ranking?

I was so happy to hear destroyer was the next class to come out as it was the main one i wanted to play from the start :3.

Anyone have any idea where destroyer ranks in dos compare to other classes?


Im not happy at all… releasin detroyer (a,4th warrior) before a class like summoner thatwas during beta is a dick move


The irony is too real.

This game is slowly becoming wow just because of the community and i hate it.

Back to destroyer, it should have been a dward.

According to every KR player, Destroyer is really bad. It’s fun, but it’s really bad and needs a massive overhaul. It’s one of the least played classes next to…wait for it…Arcana.

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I don’t care how bad that class is, that is my Hammer boy and I will play him in everything as much as possible. I’m excited too! But to your question he’s like a mix of GunLancer and Zerker (but not as OP as Zerker) so he’s probably around the middle of the pack BUT you can’t miss your swings. Missing your swings is a big dps loss. But nice damage when you do hit things :smiley:


Ever since Dynasty Warriors 3’s Xu Zhu Ive realized I like myself a big meaty club to baseball swing opponents so far away that the game derenders them when they enter next year.

Imagine my excitement when the guy I thought would be last on my list is actually the first one to come out lol


it’s not like we gonna get reworked version of destroyer?

Have they actually confirmed that destroyer is the next class to be released? Wasn’t that just some leak that shouldn’t be trusted until confirmed?

I’m mega hyped for destroyer, so if they confirm I’m happy.


Destroyer is getting a rework/rebalance this month. “Bad” is often used to describe slow classes by KR players who seem to value speed and mobility. Ease of use is probably also a factor. I think boss and class knowledge in addition to landing all of your hits will make the difference, not some random meta chaser’s opinion. Then there’s the issue of damage on paper vs real situations. This game is a lot more like Monster Hunter in that way.

Same. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but it’s hard. Really hope they don’t cave to forum crying and polls that don’t accurately reflect the player base because “vocal minority.”

Edit: The whiners won. Whiner class confirmed.


Destroyer is one of the most flamed classes in KR, mostly because it’s slow and what it’s super good at is not something that shines in tryhard speed run groups (survivability/stagger/destruction.) That said, its damage is actually decent IF you can pull it off… That is currently a BIG if though because it’s slow and mostly revolves around very slow charged attack damage.

Ironically, I think Destroyer would actually be really good in the global version of the game since nobody can beat a stagger check or pass a guardian destruction phase, but most global players will hard pass on it due to the Korean stigma and their desire to play “meta strats” despite not having the skill or willingness to use consumables to actually achieve the intended results of those meta strats.

Its one of the lower DPS unfortunately.

I was surprised we are getting it early as they do need a rework.

I have noticed the game has been giving us there worst stuff first then the better stuff later

Nice one sir, you are right, we get all the worst right now, and only the time can tell us, but maybe we’ll also get the worst after too :person_shrugging:

I heard it was really clunky and slow, so I thought I will never play this class.

But after watching some gameplay, and doing a bit of research, I think this class will replace Paladin as my main.
I’ve tried running a blue Gunlancer alt, but I haven’t played with him for over 2 weeks, as I just dislike the low amount of dmg in T1 and how slow and boring it is to play.
Destroyer seems to be kinda similar in terms of playstyle, like a mix between Gunlancer and Zerker. It has some spin to win, but most importantly big shields. I love the fact that I can make use of Barricade, and that it’s a great class for stagger checks, counters etc.

Everything seems to be great, except the fact that people still say it’s slow and clunky. I kinda hate being animation locked on every skill, especially when fighting against bosses that seem to have ADHD (Had this issue with igniter sorc, some bosses constantly dash around, move and throw ccs, making it really hard to have any sort of reliable consistent dmg uptime). Also people do seem to meme on it and generally say that the class isn’t very good.

I wonder what changes were made on KR, if any? I’m still 90% sure I will main this class, but the most important part is to actually play it and get a feel for it. I hope the leak was correct about this class being released in April, as I really want to play this class asap - I don’t really like any other DPS classes currently available.

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