Destroyer Earth Smasher (Strange Movement) Bug

Just hopped into some ranked PvP on my Destroyer and noticed this bug almost immediately, it was fine last week and this is the first time i hopped into PvP this week so it definitely could have to do with the most recent patch. (Spells in Shades Update) So basically Earth Smasher IS NOT leaping 6 yards NOR is it allowing the change of direction while casting like it normally does. Bug doesn’t just happen in PvP too, i teleported over to Tideshelf Path to see with my PvE talents and the same issue is occuring :disappointed_relieved: Any help/feedback would be appreciated!

Attached a video showing as well
Destroyer Bug with Earth Smasher (Strange Movement)

That’s quite odd.

What is your server name?


Thanks! I’ll send this information and your video over to the team.

Thanks! I’ll delete this post once the issue has been resolved. Still bugged as of now.

No problem. I’ll let you know if I receive any updates on this issue.

This STILL isn’t working!! What is going on?? It’s almost been a whole month… I used to use this in PvP as well, and have not been queing ranked (only normal games) specifically waiting for this to work so i can play seriously again…

I understand your frustration and how upsetting this issue is :confused: .

The team is still investigating this one.