Destroyer Earthwave

Simple question to Rage Hammer Destroyer players: what do you think of the new earth wave skill? I only tested a littlw but from what I saw it is possibly better than full swing. The damage seems comparable, except its one almost instant bulk and less chance be interrupted. And it has “highest stagger”. But if anyone has really had a chance to parse and use in raid with good tripods i would love to know.

After watching some guides and messing around in Trixion, I think the new Earth Wave skill is supposed to be an alternative to Seismic Hammer. Since the other 3 Gravity Release skills synergise with Super Charge, I think you’d be losing on some considerable dps. But then again, I just Hyper Expressed my Destroyer to 1445 so don’t take my word for granted x).

I think this skill is top notch for gravity training. High gravity gain, very low cooldown.

I do not think i will ever use it on a supercharge build. It also cannot compete with seismic hammer which can be animation cancelled for faster burst.

So definitely NO for a common Rage Hammer build.

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It’s hard to beat the 4-trio purple skills as of now. the 3 (full swing, seismic, earth eater) hit around 40-60% of perfect swing damage, but earthwave only hits 20%, especially since they don’t get anything from our core engraving supercharge.

My 1490 5×3 destroyer doesnt make more damage with earth wave skill and i use same level 7 gems and full tripods… the skill is slower because every destroyer cancel seismic hammer and use imunnity skills until dash is ready again…
I really like the new skill because of the little jump its good movement and damage skill but at this time i dont see biggest chance =/