Destroyer Headattack

Hello destroyer brothers!

I´m on my way to develop my destroyer which i started on another region.

Slowly getting back into legion raids and i´m really enjoying that class.
But i really wonder, which engravings and relic set i should go.

Watching at loawa most people in korea go for entropy and use masterbrawler engraving.

But watching streamers and youtubers play destroyer against valtan and vykas, they only hit 50% headattack at max. Clown will not be better in the future and i have no idea about brel.

Would it not be better to use another set and engraving here, because we waste a big amount of dmg here by not hitting the front?

which set and engraving would you prefer?

Set i´m not sure yet.

Engravings would be like: ragehammer, barricade, supercharge, grudge, cursed doll? Or skip cursed doll and go awakening and try Dominion set?

I´d like to hear your thoughts.

I’ll try later today to send you a detailed build I’m playing my second alt destroyer

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i use cursed doll instead. no matter what on any positional class entropy is almost certainly the bis. even if you don’t hit a front/back attack you can still benefit from a lower dmg bonus and when you do it’s insane so ultimately it’s either better or at least balanced with other sets.

Every hit of a destroyer should hit from the front that way you can see crazy numbers and you don’t need crazy engravings just balance the crit and speed

You have a shield every time if you play the character right then you can take engravings like. grudge

crit should be about 1400-You need 700 speed because you are very tanky and you need a little more mobility

Lets calculate set bonuses.

First Setbonus:

55% more critdmg means you crit for 300% DMG instead of 245% (3 orbs ragehammer). That’s about 20% DMG increase on 50% frontattacks + 262% critdmg on the other half, thats 7% dmg boost, so we get 13,5% dmg increase with the first setbonus. And this is calculated with 100% critchance (Thats far from the reality)

Using salvation set gives a flat 14% more dmg.

Setbonus 2
17% crit: we already calculated with 100% critchance in setbonus 1, so no dmg increase here

Salvation: gives another 7% dmg increase and 10% attackspeed.

Setbonus 3:
with 50% headattack this bonus gives 14% dmg increase with entropy

gives additional 7% and another 5% multipicator.

So lets add this together:

Entropy 114% * 114% = 130 (rounded)

Salvation 128% * 110% (attackspeed, lets say here we have 0 attackspeed before) * 105 = 148% dmg

So we would get 18% more dmg with salvation set (Ok, we have to stack 17% more crit with this set compared to entropy) So lets add another 17% more dmg from other stats to entropy. Thats flat 47% dmg increase with entropy

So we see here that the sets bonuses are really close. Getting more frontattack brings entropy ahead, while salvation would be easier to play because of higher attackspeed, but we have to stack this set before.

It´s only an example, but we can see here, that it´s not safe to say entropy is always the best!

Yes you have higher numbers, but not more dps.

i calculated salvation wrong. 142% base * 110% * 105% = 164%. So that´s even worse for entropy

Barring the numbers errors, you can’t expect any realistic comparison with those assumptions. You need to use realistic Crit stats and calculate all of that properly. 10% attack speed almost never translates to 10% damage either.

From running numerous calcs on this exact comparison: Salvation should be ~49% not accounting for the build up time or attack speed. Entropy on a Crit damage amp class like this is usually around 64% total increase when active, but this will vary based on your own Crit stats.

You need head attack for all 4 of your attack as rage hammer. Thats because you are aiming for the head always (yeah you dont hit 100% on the head) its better to have master brawler. 25% dmg its too much to waste it. And it make the gameplay much more lively to try alway hit head and play around it. Otherwise you can play gravity training with dumping skills and only aim for head with identity.

I´m with you here that 10% attackspeed is hard to calculate. do i hit one more spender or not? big question for destroyer. true.

But simply saying entropy is always BIS. that´s big bs.

Whether the attack speed is useful enough or whether you have a high enough proportion of head attacks will vary by preference/person. Typically classes able to go Entropy do so in KR, and most of our advice is based on their assessments, so you will always run into that assumption.

If you have gear set conversion active already , trixion is there for you and you can test everything.

well this isnt true. Engame build are like 1200 crit , 500 spec, 500 swift for rage hammer. You get enough swift from yearning set from supports.