Destroyer in May so long as we get Mokoko outfit

Along with destroyer in May we should also recieve the mokoko outfit at the same time so we can all become REAL destroyers.


I really freaking hope we get that upon destroyer release, I will be the meme king, doing dungeion with only destroyers, BONK X 4

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Bumping for visability. @Roxx Could you find out if this is going to happen for us? Dont let the memes be dreams

The fact we got the animal costumes and people LOVED them, makes me hopeful we’ll be getting the mokoko skins soon… I mean they were right there in the Naruni race

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Bumping for new visability. @Roxx any word on this?

Waiting for this so I can make a destroy alt!

Bumping this topic, Mokoko skin is finally coming on June 30.

Destroyerssssssssss, Assemble!