Destroyer Needs Balancing

Too much immunity mainly. Self-generating shields have too much HP and constant uptime. Mobility is surprisingly excellent for a huge hammer wielding class. Large aoe stun. Perfect swing does an insane amount of damage in such a short wind up. Only draw back is some skill animations are a bit slow. Too advantageous against melee classes. Forced to avoid him all game with hit and run tactics, which is not always possible in 3v3.

He may not be top tier with the pros, but the destroyer class seems to have the most impact in every match I’ve played (aside from support).

I think I’m at about 1500 matches played. Berserker, Shadow Hunter, Gunslinger.


Try Sorc it is better 1 CC and you will get full his skill list right into face in less than 2 sec. Whole small scale pvp needs full rework. Islands pvp like zerg vs zerg are ok, but thise arenas are wtf xd

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Isn’t that what everyone is doing?
Playing Destro, Sorc, DB, Berserker, SH and to some extent Sharpshooter because that also gets a free pass. Case in point it doesn’t solve the problem.

It’s not about learning/mastering either because you can see a handful of new plyers (under roster 50) in Arena that just go ham. SG needs to focus on the old game and underlying problems instead of moving forward with new content/classes.

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Arena 3v3 is bad, but it still looks like a top tier game compared to disgustingly bad open world PvP.

As for Destroyer, it’s amazing against bad players, you literally shit on them and they don’t know what to do. Against good players on classes with high mobility, it’s a B tier class at best. There’s no way you’re catching a good shadowhunter for example.

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Why would you chase SH as Destroyer in 3v3? Like every other class (if we dont count SS) is easier to catch and you can stick on them whole game

You don’t need to chase SH. But SH is extremely annoying for the Destroyer and is one of the more popular classes.

Gunslinger is also in the same category. Sorc to a lesser extent. Deathblade is broken.

Destroyer is amazing, but one-dimensional. For example my favorite thing in the entire game is shitting on artillerists in arena as a destroyer.

Well ofc, Its no wonder that 90% of all players in pvp play Sorc, Paladin, SH, Destroyer, and deathblade and to less extend gunslinger

And you would hardly see martial artists, Gunlancers, Sharpshooters once in 100 games, And Bards are not really popular also

Not really.
The only classes I rarely see in arena are Gunlancer, Deadeye and Arcana. All others are pretty common, obviously some more popular than other.
There are a ton of martial artists and a decent number of sharpshooters.

Incorrect, the current highest ranked is a Glavier and Bard is pure cancer and can be found everywhere. Support defeats DPS (martial artist at least), let’s not begin about double support.

They had so much time and people but they still can’t get PvP (the balance rather) right.
Russia had a more vanilla form of PvP which was far more enjoyable compared to all the resistance filled nonsense we got.

Yeah, Bard is ridiculously good, especially as an anti-melee. It’s a hard counter to destroyer for example.

It doesn’t do damage, but it’s a far superior as a support in ranked, imo.
Paladin can do damage on par with other classes if it’s a good matchup, but it has no super armors at all and for example Gunslinger can take Paladin out of the game completely.

Well, there’s one morning my wardancer is facing destroy plus a blade every match, nearly deleted the game.

Now i’m on my SH 24/7, even tho detroyer is much less than before, i’m still in the PTSD and refuse to switch.

i was not talking about 1400 rate and under tho…
But guess you are right since i didnt mention anything about rate in the first place.
Tho i thought its pretty obvious that i dont talk about players that do 5 arenas per week for the weekly

I dunno, the name Destroyer should mean something, it should destroy, doesn’t do enough of that so buff it please.

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destroyer need a balance STAT. Specially the shield stacking with paladin and bards. it is insane for get it

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PvP participation fell off hard when this class was released.
Destroyer promotes poor gameplay with zero strategy.
Literally running around spamming attacks with shields and super armor.
Build up enough cores and you can god godmode spamming huge area AOE CC.
Joke class. Poor design.

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Destroyer is fine. Definietly not op, but easy to play. Newbie friendly class like destro, sorc are a must in this game where pvp is realy hard and require alot of skill if we wanna get bigger pvp players base.

hahahhahah yeah need buff! like that will comes in septemberrrr!!! ready for more crying! :smiley:

i have 1400 games and its True, Destroyer is the most OP hero. He has high dmg, all time superarmour, so much shields, high hp, and so much cc with high aoe. You cant put this hero and to say “he is fine, he doesnt need a new balance”

now you will see the real destro after the buff :smiley:
i will be like before and more better!!!