Destroyer next month.... AND Artist.. :)

So… here is an attempt to not replace destroyer next month but to give us support players more options then bard/paladin. PLEASE SG/AGS READ THIS AND SUMMON ARTIST!!! thats all :slight_smile:


i’ll do you one better, AND scouter! AND whatever class that doesn’t need reworks!
and after the reworks we need everything that got reworked!




Mainlining cope i see, I’ll take an IV too!




While that would be amazing, we wont get any classes that are being reworked, as korea is 100% going to get all of them first. BUT what i can say is… artist as was just released should NOT need a rework there fore should be able to be released asap. BUT yeah i mean im all for just releasing the lot of them xD

(mainly artist :))

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Give Artist. patch rework in later DDDD:

Not gonna happen but would love this to happen. Waiting for artist to main her and just playing paladin in the meantime :frowning:

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I refuse to play either bard or paladin as i find them 100% boring. i love the support aspect, hate the solo play. Thus from what ive herd artist is the perfect class for me
LF>Artist release date pls


Im so ready for artist, i literally have legendary engravings for expert and awakening already SOMEONE SEND ME ARTIST PLS


casts awakening skill: SAIGAAAA NEEE

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idk every time i look for a group all i see is…

“one more support and we are ready”
“two more supports and we are ready”

To me the translation is - Release artist so we can stop having a shortage of supports and we are ready LOL



Hey :slight_smile: If i ask REALLY NICELY will you let SG know we want artist? :slight_smile: PLEAAASE?


Artist is not coming anytime soon lmao.


And why is that?


not sure artist releasing will solve support shortage in the high ilvl range tbh, the lack of high ilvl support is because (imo) 1) there’s just not that many support mains and 2) support gear are hella expensive


I feel alone in this, but I really want reaper ;(

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Well, I usually main supports in every game.
Chillin’ at dps and getting to know other classes until Artist comes :v.
So you can at least count one future supp here.

About gear, I don’t think it is such huge issue. Everything will eventually be collected piece by piece and high ilvl is only gated with honing — just like dps.

Also when Artist comes it will be huge influx of supp role. She is somehow popular and it will be “new class” as well. Honestly I hope she won’t be released alone or with unpopular class.

well i have a bard alt at t3 rn and i’m really discouraged from fixing her engravings because everything is hella expensive at least compared to dps stuff

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Did RU/JP server get Artis yet ??