Destroyer Omen Weapon Skin Missing

When the omen set was still available for purchase i bought an extra armor and weapon skin for destroyer for when it releases, since i knew for a fact that there was a weapon skin for it, and iirc it was even listed as one of the classes that could redeem the chest. However, after making my destroyer, i cannot get it’s weapon skin from the chest.

looking through the forums and talking in game, this seems to be a major issue since quiet a few people also bought an extra skin set for when destroyer released.

Just going to say, if it is not a bug, and is intentional to force players to buy other skins, that seems rather predatory and shady to not disclose information beforehand that you will not release a skin that has already long since been made for a class, and should be readily available but is not because you just want to try and force people to buy other cosmetics. Which if that is the case, i do not think i can support this game anymore even after what i have spent on it to date.

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Bought an extra for the same reason. I’ll also not be buying anything else if it isn’t updated tbh. Too many other games to play and look forward to.

I bought one as well, but seeing as Roxx told us they would find out and let us know if the Omen chests worked on future classes when it came out and then literally never said anything again I up and sold mine the other day when I saw it wasn’t working. Simply don’t care to bother with the company’s bs anymore.

Hope it gets fixed though!

Where is it listed? I have the chest and it does not include destroyer.

They said it would not work for glaivier. Then after glaivier release, they added the compatible classes on the chest description (so only the classes available when omen set release in our version can obtain skin from the chest)

when omen originally came out on NA it never stated what classes it would work with. like others i knew Destroyer HAD existing omen skins already so i bought one to hold onto. then later they changed the description and now im sitting on a skin that sells for a shit amount of gold and cant use for my destroyer.